TOP 10 exciting predictions for future airports in the next decade

10 exciting predictions for future airports in the next decade



A report issued by SITA, a provider of information technology services in the air transport sector, revealed 10 predictions about the impact of technology on the ways of transporting passengers in airports of the future, based on analyzes as well as a study of the industry's driving factors and other new technologies.

The airport experience over the past 10 years has witnessed drastic changes, such as security measures using biometric technologies, mobile check-in and the ability to track baggage.
The future also holds more changes, as the next decade will witness a significantly accelerated change as passengers and workers in the sector keep pace with technical developments brought about by digital transformation, such as taxis capable of flying and airports equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities.
Benoit Verbier, director of business development at SITA, expects major changes to occur in almost all aspects of the airport experience, explaining that the number of passengers is expected to double in the next 20 years, according to the International Air Transport Association, but airport expansions will not be able to keep pace with these. Big increase.
He added: "Today's passengers want to enjoy a smooth and easy experience at the airport, and we can only provide an easy and comfortable experience at the airport by developing and implementing new technologies that make airports more efficient and enhance the passenger experience."
Time Travel: A Tour of the Airport of the Future:

1. Integrated security solutions that provide a comfortable journey

Airport security will become very simple over the next decade, as travelers won't have to take off their coats, shoes, or belts, or put small packages in small bags. The need for queuing will also be eliminated, as passengers and their baggage will be automatically identified as they pass through automated checkpoints. There will be no need to check regular documents, thanks to the aisles equipped with electronic sensors instead of the traditional ones.

2. Passengers can control their digital identity details

In the future, travelers will be able to control the aspects that they would like to disclose within their identities and identify the reasons for this, by adopting the self-controlled digital identity and permanent travel segments, as well as continuously assessing risks in future airports through artificial intelligence techniques using the digital passenger identity. Sensitive elements within this data will be used exclusively by governments, which will use automated participatory systems to approve or, in some cases, disapproval of the various steps of the journey. It will no longer be the responsibility of the airlines to process passenger data to maintain border security.

3. Decentralization of all steps of the journey

Each of the people, baggage and cargo will carry special badges that will track their movement during the entire trip regardless of the means of transport used, which contributes to saving time at checkpoints and customs before the flight date, in addition to providing services for delivering and receiving bags in any place convenient for the traveler, such as stations The train for example.

4. An airport with the highest levels of connectivity

Reducing costs and using less hardware and dataset than 5G enabled sensors will usher in a new era of connected airports. This data will be captured, collected and analyzed via defined software networks, in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency at the airport and to improve the passenger experience as much as possible.

5. Airports with artificial intelligence capabilities

Artificial intelligence algorithms will be key to achieving the desired efficiency, as advanced technologies are the main key to the advancement of airports. Airports will use digital twin technology to complete their operations in real time to the benefit of all stakeholders, improve operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience. Digital Twins are an advanced computer simulation that visualizes, simulates and predicts the next move with data it collects from airport and airline operations.
The predictive data is then used to facilitate and automate activities related to operations when possible. Automated messages can be visualized like this: “Two Airbus A380s will land at the same time because one of them is delayed: Please ensure there are enough people at immigration offices” or “Negative assessment of the bathrooms on the second floor: Please send cleaners”. The rapid exchange of information will result in a proactive response that will contribute to making the operations and plans of airlines and airports more effective and accurate.

6. Cooperation plays a crucial role

10 or more different parties are responsible for completing each flight, and close cooperation between all the parties operating at the airport is the only way to collect the necessary data to make the flight smooth and comfortable, such as the airport itself, the airline, government agencies, ground handlers, restaurants and stores, as well as the cooperation between all Components of the connected airport system.
Operational data will be shared through this wide network using trusted frameworks, so that stakeholders share a single trusted source to ensure that their basic operations are running in a sound and efficient manner, allowing greater efficiency for airports, such as digitizing transformation management and focusing on flying again as quickly as possible. Leading technologies such as Blockchain also offer tremendous potential in facilitating the secure exchange of information.

7. Large-scale airport automation

Mobile and high-speed communications at the airport will play an essential role in performing critical tasks, and airports will increasingly implement real-time operations using automation and self-service technologies to ensure the highest levels of efficiency in all aspects. Mechanisms and robots will also be adopted Connected, automated and self-operating have become commonplace throughout the airport.
Automation will contribute to the more effective sharing and use of assets. Passenger baggage, tugboats and many more items will be connected to 5G networks, providing a wealth of data that will provide a predictive and historical review in real time of airport operations.

8. Airports meet all travelers' needs

Fast and smooth flights to and within the airport will increase, weaken or even stop some of the existing revenues, such as valet parking services. Airports will have to enhance the travel experience to compensate for these changes, and keeping pace with the personal requirements of travelers is the most appropriate solution, in a way that allows meeting their special desires in the place and time that suits them during the trip from start to finish, without limiting them to the airport only. This includes a limousine service from the airport that guarantees the delivery of bags to the home, office or hotel, and speeds up the process of obtaining approvals and facilities for regular travelers.

9. Mobility as an on-demand service

Airports will become huge transportation hubs within the city, offering many transportation options, where upcoming innovations, such as the flying taxi, which is scheduled to be launched by 2030, will provide highly efficient transportation to and from the airport, and may become a competitor to short-haul routes. Thus, it can be said that air travel will be within everyone's reach.

10. APIs for all airport operations

Airport management officials must be aware of all digital developments to keep pace with the needs of future travelers, and this technological shift in the sector’s system will simplify the complexities facing airports by dividing them into a set of data services that can be shared, such as application program interfaces. This will provide a system that enhances the levels of cooperation and innovation and facilitates its use by all. For example, artificial intelligence techniques and the formation of phrases in understandable language will help formulate requests that meet industry insights defined by human criteria: “Is there a pink bag at Gate B34?” or "The line at Gate A is too long, send more taxis."
Benoit Verbier said that connected, intelligent and efficient operations are shaping the future of airports, providing passengers with comfortable and hassle-free travel with enjoyable and customized experiences. The current operational obstacles and limitations will also be removed in the future, thanks to the high levels of confidence in digital capabilities, which means the ability to exchange data and harness shared assets and existing accounts in real time, based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies.
He considered that the air travel sector is “on the cusp of a golden era, and we are excited to be part of the digital transformation in this field. Those in charge of the sector must realize the urgent need for change and cooperate together, and it will not be long before these technological changes become a reality faster than we imagine.”

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