5 ideas for the layout of the garden in front of the house

5 ideas for the layout of the garden in front of the house

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The layout of the garden in front of the house must articulate practical uses and aesthetic arrangements.

Small garden or large plot, discover 5 ideas to design a design garden at the front of your home!


Fence and gate to structure:


plants portal landscaping gardenStart with the immutable elements that are the fence and the gate. They serve to delimit your property, prevent intrusion and create a garden away from prying eyes.


Many materials are available to you and you can even combine them. Natural stone and wood have that authentic side that blends so well with old houses. Aluminum or steel have a more modern style and take on multiple colors. A cheaper solution is to use a simple fence but by planting a hedge in front.


Choose evergreen shrubs with bushy bearing and dense foliage. This is the case of troene, Nandina domestica or abelia.


Well thought out garden paths:


plants for small alleee in front of houseThe front of the house is a place of movement and movement. We go to work, we come back from the races... The daily round trips punctuate this outdoor space.


It is then necessary to arrange driveways to bring cars into the garden shed and pedestrian walkways to access the house. For driveways, use materials such as pavers, gravel or asphalt. As for pedestrian walkways, you can opt for Japanese steps, wood, porcelain slabs, etc.



To trace your driveway, keep it simple! The path of the car to the entrance or veranda must be at the shortest, otherwise you will not take it. Still, make it an asset, If your garden is sloped. Embellish your staircase with beds planted with shrubs, perennials and meadows similar as pittosporum, pink gauras and stipas.


A relaxation area:


Once your exterior enjoys a blackout fence, you have the opportunity to create small intimate corners. The aisles are ahead of the gate, you'll now invest the spaces on the edges .

enteree house with pergola and climbing plantsIf they are large enough, do not hesitate to set up garden furniture sheltered under an arbor or pergola.

Run climbing plants such as honeysuckle or clematis that will be covered with decorative flowers in the summer. It is also an opportunity to add some fragrant flowering plants like a gardenia. Its intoxicating scent will make your garden furniture, a real scented cocoon. If you do not have enough room for this type of development, bet instead on a lawn and massifs. The garden in front of the house must be particularly neat: why not fall for boxwood balls or a tree cut out of cloud?


Decorative elements:


idee deco in front of the houseThe front of the house is the first thing you see when you enter your home. So you would possibly also make an impression!  A water point is usually a little event within the garden.

The entrance is not conducive to a swimming pool, prefer a fountain instead. In bamboo, it sports a Zen style, in stone it is more classic while in metal it conveys a contemporary look.

Add decorative objects such as sculptures that you integrate into a massif. Vases, mirrors and other stakes are invited with perennial and annual flowers in order to bring color all year round. In dry soil, opt for a rockery mixing rocks and plants in favor of an inspiration of mountain landscape.


A well-lit exterior:


Lighting in front of the houseAn essential idea for the layout of the garden in front of the house: the luminaires! In winter it is early at night and you need to see clearly to move easily. Accompany your aisles with floor LEDs, lamps or candelabra. Solar or stir sensor, there are multiple types of lights. Remember to place a wall lamp next to the front door to find your keys and enter safely.

In a massif, the lighting highlights the plants while illuminating the exterior. A few spots directed at your plants will give another face to the night garden

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