Moon Knight review

Our article today is about one of the best recent Marvel series that deserves to be watched
Moon Knight (2022 .)
The series is of the type of superhero series and carries with it a lot of action, mystery and adventure within the framework of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Series story:
The events revolve around the character of Stephen, a distinguished employee who is calm, and works in a gift shop in a museum. He possesses supernatural powers granted to him, by the moon god, and Stephen soon discovers that these newly discovered powers can be a blessing and a curse for his life, due to his psychological disturbances, with evil forces chasing him.

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Moon Knight heroes:

Oscar Isaac - Ethan Hawke - F. Murray Abraham - Gaspar Uliel

Some Egyptian stars participated in the series, including the star Mai Al-Qalamawi, who is of Egyptian and Palestinian origin, and Mai embodied the role of “Laila”, the wife of the soldier Mark, who is the hero of the series. Egyptian actor Hazem Ehab participated in the last episode of the series as the Egyptian police officer.

Who is the director of Moon Knight?

He is the Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, who was keen to present Egypt in a wonderful way worthy of it, and everything related to the ancient Egyptian myths and gods was presented in a fun and attractive way, and although the series had three directors, they are, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead and Mohamed Diab, but the latter had his A positive impact every time he was behind the camera, through the events of the series, whose first season consists of 6 episodes, and the episodes of the series were watched by millions of audiences around the world.


The performance of the heroes of the series:

Oscar Isaac gave a wonderful performance, very elegant and pleasing to the eye, his transition between the characters of Mark and Stephen was perfect, and he presented the two characters in a wonderful way. Also, May Al Qalamawi and the wonderful actor Ethan Hawke gave a very beautiful performance, May and the journey of Laila's character, which was full of different feelings, and Ethan's calm and classy presence in the embodiment of the character of Harrow.


other information:

The series provided a beautiful construction for the Moon Knight character, as there was a journey for both Mark and Stephen, through which we learned about the past of the two characters, which made the viewer understand more about the Moon Knight character. Laila's character was also strong and got enough screen time and an active role in the story. As for Haru, his character was different, as he was the embodiment of Amit's philosophy of evil, which increased the character's strength rather than making him mere villain for evil's sake.

Hisham Nazih's music was classy, ​​his music was definitely one of the best in the Marvel series, and the Egyptian songs in the series were very beautiful.

In the end, the Moon Knight series is a fun series with an Egyptian flavor in the world of Super Heroes and definitely worth watching.

IMDB Rating 7.5/10

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