She tried to be like Kim Kardashian.. and this is what happened to her

She tried to be like Kim Kardashian. and this is what happed to her

Jennifer Pamplona, a 29- time-old Brazilian girl, has spent a fortune pursuing a dream to be an exact dupe of reality television star Kim Kardashian.

The American review" New York Post" detailed the story of the former model, and said that she had paid about$600k for plastic surgery.

The costs weren't all material, as the Brazilian girl spent 12 times of her life, performing one surgery after another until the number reached 40, as well as persisting with plastic injections" paddings", in the stopgap that Kim Kardashian would comeNo. 2.

At first, Jennifer was happy with the new appearance, but with the passage of time that body came annoying, especially that numerous people called her" Kardashian", and that everything in her life came linked in this way.

She stated that plastic surgery didn't bring her happiness at each, and she wished that she hadn't done what she did. She said she wanted to make a difference in her life before she turned 30.

Despite changing hair and apparel colors, this woman still feels like a Kardashian.

Thus, Jennifer had to pay another quantum of over to118k bones

, for surgeries in order to return to what she was in the history.


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