It poses a great danger to users. Measures to counter spam


It poses a great danger to users. Measures to counter spam



Spam messages are one of the most annoying things in an email inbox, as well as they can pose great danger.
The experts of the software company "Kaspersky" explained that some spam messages leak viruses to computers, while others want to steal data such as account details.
For his part, Ralf Reicherts, from the Consumer Protection Center in the German state of Thuringia, explained that taking some precautionary measures can reduce risks.


Multiple mailboxes

At first, the user has to make sure that the email address does not fall into the wrong hands. Benedict Schwembek, the editor of the computer magazine Ship, recommends creating several email boxes, explaining that "one address can be created for important or personal contacts and at least one other address - for example - for newsletters or competitions", and should not be used. The main contact is the public on websites or social media.


Some providers also offer the option to set up different aliases directly into the account, and one-time-use addresses can also be useful; It is used - as its name suggests - only once, after which the account itself is deleted.


In all cases, the service provider no longer has the real email contact in their database; Reicherts explained that many titles are being traded because databases have been hacked or sold by a company.


However, users who follow all the tips aren't safe from spam or phishing attempts because senders also use software that automatically generates email addresses, sends large batches of emails, and simply waits to see what arrives somewhere. Guessing can be made difficult for programs by adding special characters and acronyms to the email address.


Spam filter

If unsolicited advertising emails reach the mailbox, the spam filter is the first effective protection against them, and the spam filter is available as standard, but the efficiency and effectiveness of the filter depends on the service provider.


The user can train the candidate not to delete messages, but to mark them as unimportant. As a result, the program learns new things.


Beware interaction!

If the spam accidentally bypasses the filter, the recipient may never interact with the message. Clicking on links, replying to the email, or trying to unsubscribe from the newsletter indicates that the email has already arrived, and then the sender uses it again or even sells it, sending more spam.


Finally, the Federal Office for Information Technology Security recommends that you avoid opening suspicious attachments at all; Since viruses may lurk in Word documents or images, extreme caution should be exercised if the sender requests sensitive data such as an account number or payment request.

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