Sweden.. Prison hostage crisis ends with 20 pizza kebabs!

Sweden.. Prison hostage crisis ends with 20 pizza kebabs!


The crisis that occupied Sweden, in which two criminals in a prison took two of the warders hostage, ended with the criminals asking for twenty pizza kebabs to be distributed to their comrades in the ward, and they released the two hostages.

The incident began at midnight last night when two convicted murderers who were serving their sentences in a prison near the city of Eskilstuna broke into a control room and two guards with sharp tools they had made themselves. The guards were a man and a woman.


The issue was immediately escalated, especially since the criminals were murderers and not ordinary criminals. The place was immediately surrounded, and negotiations with the kidnappers began.


The kidnappers demanded a helicopter to escape from prison, and negotiations continued throughout the day, during which they retracted their demand to make a strange request, which was that they would release the two hostages in exchange for twenty pizza kebabs to be distributed to their companions in the ward.

The police did not believe the request at first, and asked them to release one of the two hostages as a sign of goodwill. Indeed, the criminals released the male guard, and kept the woman hostage, and after about two hours, they also released the woman, so the police intervened and arrested them.


The police said that the two hostages are in good condition, and that the criminals will be prosecuted for kidnapping, and the police did not know their motives behind the kidnapping.

This kidnapping raised many questions, as this prison is classified as a first-class prison where security measures are very strict, but it seemed that the criminals’ entry into the control room and their control of the two guards in this way was not consistent with the strength of the procedures that are supposed to be followed there.

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