Technological developments that will change the shape of life and the future of humanity permanently within a few years


Technical developments that change the shape of life and the future of humanity once and for all in a few years

The Corona pandemic has had enormous and dramatic effects on the world, as the epidemic has accelerated the shift towards digital dramatically, surprisingly and unprecedentedly for many people, as we communicate more remotely than ever before, buying, selling, shopping, learning, working and holding meetings and conferences online.

We have been able to get rid of the habit of early awakening and drowning in public transportation in order to catch up with our businesses and jobs. We are working from home now, and technology companies have turned all this into a huge global employment advantage, which has gone beyond geography by hiring people from around the world to work from home, where companies pay much less than they paid local employees, while at the same time gaining new jobs from around the world to work from home. Everybody's a winner with technology, isn't it?

But all these changes are not comparable to the technological developments we will witness over the next few years, and these technical developments that will change the shape of the world can be definitively and irreversibly limited to three concepts: communication computing, ambient computing and cloud computer.

Communication computing

Companies such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft are developing conversational Computing to new and unprecedented levels, for example, IBM is currently engaged in fully live and interactive conversations between humans and machines using algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Amazon, through amazon Echo, which is developing it to new levels, seeks to turn the whole conversation around.

In fact, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are undergoing tremendous and ongoing developments, with growth expected to reach $6.8 billion in 2026, as recently reported by global banking and finance review.


With this growth and development, it's very difficult to know if the sound that connects to you to remind you of your expired car insurance renewal, or reminding you of your appointment with your dentist, for example, is human or automated. It's almost impossible to know.


There was a tip with an IBM customer where the audio simulation system in the company's marketing department contacted someone who was registered with the system to remind him to renew his car insurance, the sound was so feminine, soft and real that the man not only renewed his insurance but began flirting with the computer.

In fact, communication computing applications are expanding very significantly, and will soon enter and reshape various businesses and economic sectors, shaping the way we deal with computers, where these devices will become our true partners and partners in our work and lives far more than just tools or machines through which we work.

Surrounding computing. Our next hobby.

Ambient Computing is another revolutionary concept closely related to speech computing, which has been being developed for some time by the world's major technology companies, but is accelerating so dramatically now that it will become an essential part of our normal lives over the next few years, perhaps much earlier.


Amazon is a leader in this field, as well as other efforts by IBM, Microsoft and Apple, but the real work is done by Amazon.

The computing surroundings includes all the devices in our surroundings, whether computers or smartphones, systems, software and electronic equipment, which means they are everywhere, just like the air we breathe, we live in a world of hardware, equipment and software.

For example, when you go to a gas station, just tell the pump how much fuel you want and how much you need, instead of telling the station worker as we do now, and if you want to cook, just tell the stove how to cook your meal, and he will do the rest, and if there is a problem at home while you are at work like your smart refrigerator crashes, you will receive an immediate report of this, and the refrigerator will at the same time contact the technician of the maintenance registered to fix the bug.

If you feel tired or exhausted, the devices will send an immediate report to your doctor or hospital, which will include your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure status, as the devices around you will have measured all this without feeling it.

All these processes occur at the same moment through a series of online communications without feeling or feeling their existence. It is a kind of spontaneous interaction between human beings and devices so that everyone becomes each one in a state of harmony and comprehensive harmony that ultimately aims to serve the human being, the surrounding computing is the ability of the organs to feel our existence and understand and meet our needs automatically without having to be asked by us.

Cloud computer

Many people believe that a pc is on its way to extinction, but this is far from the truth, it is constantly evolving, and its next form is cloud PC, which relies mainly on cloud computing, allowing anyone connected to the cloud anywhere or anytime, with a browser and display - no matter how big - to have their personal computer with enormous and limitless capabilities.

The cloud computer is closely linked to the launch of Windows 365, which Microsoft announced last July as a new service added to its cloud service list, providing the ability to use the

Windows is completely cloud-shaped, and users can run this system from anywhere and from any device, the service is supported by all devices of any kind, as The Verge ( recently reported.


The concept of a cloud computer becomes even more exciting as the invention of high-resolution head-mounted displays approaches, which is inevitably coming in the near future, and we can imagine what it will become, when humans can connect to the network at any time through smart and elegant displays installed at the front of their heads. It's an exciting new world coming.


In fact, these next three technical developments (communication computing, surrounding computing and cloud computing) — which are being worked together almost simultaneously — will change the shape of life and the world and shape a completely different future for humanity, and we will be surrounded by devices that interact with us and talk to us everywhere, but will become an essential part of us so that we cannot be separated from them, which will lead to a dramatic change in the ways of our lives and lives.

Will these devices and machines become our comrades and partners of our lives, always from us and with us, and we will talk to them as we speak with our true loved ones and friends in this life, except for one thing only, which is that these devices will not abandon us for the most trivial reasons, and will not turn against us or betray us as he leaves us and turns on us and betrays us some of our comrades and friends and many of those we love?!

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